The Ant and The Grasshopper

(A new version)

By Najat

It was summer and the days were long and sunny. The ant put on its sneakers and cap, and set off looking for food.

She said to herself, “I must work hard, summer is too short, and I must collect supplies for the winter!!”

Just then, she heard a beautiful melody near her. She looked up at a leaf and saw the grasshopper playing his violin happily.

“da dy dadaaa… good morning, you hardworking ant, are you working again? Come and sit down, be cool, life is short, and summer is not made only for work.”

The ant looked at him with contempt and said, “Let me see what your music is worth in the winter when you have nothing to eat, silly you.”

The grasshopper responded laughing, “Oh dear, you can see whatever you like, no worries.”

The ant kept working all summer, and gathered enough food for herself. She felt very proud!!

Day by day the weather became colder, so the ant entered her house and closed the doors, then she said “Let me hear your melodies now, you idiot grasshopper.”

The ant prepared a big mug of hot chocolate, then she turned on the TV to watch her favourite program: Insect’s Got Talent.

She was enjoying the program when she had a horrible shock. “Oh noo, do not tell me that is real!!!”

The grasshopper was on stage playing his violin and singing with joy. When he finished, he got a storm of applause from the audience and the jury announced that the grasshopper was the winner for this year!!

The ant was still in shock when the grasshopper started speaking, “Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for your love and trust, I am extremely grateful, also I want to send a special dedication to my friend THE ANT, I hope she is watching me now.” He continued,” Can I remind you my dear that success does not always come with diligence and hard work... life is short, so try to enjoy it as much as you can, like me.

And here all the spectators stood up applauding warmly like they had heard some advice from a wise expert.

The ant was enormously furious. She decided to change all rules of this stupid life. She took her laptop and immediately wrote an urgent email to the government ask for a summer holiday, and in addition waterproof winter clothes, so she could work in winter freely. Also she strongly suggested circulating the weather forecast to all parts of the ant kingdom, so that everyone (all the ants) would know about rainy days and avoid going out to work.

Finally, she decided to establish a syndicate to protect the rights of ants demanding the abolition of hard work in summer, the season of fun, not of work!!