As part of delivering our Horizon Plan, we have committed to establishing and facilitating a number of community forums, to help us deliver the following strategic outcomes:

  • Encouraging connectivity and understanding between communities to reduce barriers to mutual engagement
  • Increasing community and citizen participation

The purpose of the forums is to encourage two-way engagement between the Trust and diverse groups for ‘deep value’ relationships, and to enable greater interconnectivity between group and communities. This in turn will build trust across the network which will enable greater inclusion, influence, information sharing and therefore better decision making for community benefit. 

There are currently five active community forums, with each forum chaired by an independent convenor:

  • Artists’ Forum
  • Social Entrepreneurs Forum
  • Environment Forum
  • Moroccan Forum
  • Youth Forum
  • Migrant Support Forum

We will soon be looking to establish the following forums:

  • Archive Forum – the frist meeting of the Archive Forum will be held at 6pm on Monday 2 October. Register to attend here.
  • Anti-Racism Forum

For more information, or if you’re interested in joining one of our fourums, please get in touch with Gigi Yacoub, our Community Engagement Manager