The Westway Pop-Up Crèche 

We offer a crèche service, where organisations can ensure that parents and carers are not excluded from events because, of their childcare needs. We provide a solution for both public and private sector organisations looking for temporary childcare.

We can travel to wherever you may needs us, whether it is a one-off or regular booking. The crèche caters for children aged 3 months – 8 years. The number of children we can look after depends on your location and the space available. As part of our service, we will assess your chosen space and advise on capacity and any risks to mitigate.

All the resources are provided and play equipment to create an adventurous indoor play space. The children will be able to access a wide variety of stimulating fun activities which will promote curiosity for learning, independence and self-esteem. Our aim is to create a warm and playful atmosphere that will support children to grasp new ideas and concepts.