At Westway we have five values that guide us in what we are, how we do things and where we want to be.


We will offer leadership and support in good measure, working towards the outcomes we believe in. We will be creative and adaptable to work to promote innovative solutions.


We aspire to meet the needs of the people rooted in our diverse communities and recognise that we are all unique with different needs, experiences, histories and talents.


We will strive to encourage trust, by behaving respectfully, professionally and with consistency. We will make sure we have the skills and capacity to deliver our work and be honest when we lack resources and do our best to put them in place. 


We will ensure pathways are in place to influence the way we work because we believe that good ideas can come from anywhere. We will welcome ideas and viewpoints and will make every effort to listen, understand and be responsive. 


We will collaborate with others to achieve joint goals and foster genuine partnerships. We will care for our resources, act astutely to add value and leverage our assets for the benefit of the community.