At Westway we have four values that guide us in what we are, how we do things and where we want to be.


  • We will be transparent, welcome opinion, ideas and viewpoints.
  • We will seek to understand and empathise.
  • We will seek to involve people in design and delivery of development projects and services, wherever possible.


  • We will make sure we have the skills and expertise to deliver.
  • We will play a role where we have competence and where we add value.
  • We will use our leverage and position to get advantage for the community.


  • We will act with integrity.
  • We will work in the best interests of the community at large.


  • We will take care of and enhance the land that has been entrusted to us.
  • Above all, we will take our legal and ethical responsibilities as a landlord seriously and discharge our duties professionally.