welcome to the pop up nursery

At the Pop Up Nursery, we recognise the importance of early childhood development and the need to create a learning environment where every child feels respected and supported.

Our staff are passionate about working with children and providing a safe, stimulating environment which fosters children’s creativity, individuality and self- confidence whilst inspiring children to develop a love for learning.

We value children’s parent/carers as the children’s first and most important educator and we aim to develop a close and supportive partnership with you during your child’s time in the nursery.

Our nursery offers places for children from two to four years from 9:00-3:00 in term time.  If you would like to register your child or have any queries, please call on Nicola on 07437057411.

The Pop Up Nursery is a non profit community based nursery which is based in North Kensington and has been  opened since January 2016.  It is a sixteen place nursery for two to four year olds open in term time daily from 9:00-15:00.  The nursery is Ofsted registered and we are also a member of the Pre School   Learning Alliance which enables us to access training to further our teams’ professional development.

We  provide places funded by the government or parents can buy childcare  hours.  We also offer the option of providing top up hours for parents to buy for funded children.  We are a flexible nursery and have a strong partnership with parent/carers and will support them wherever possible with their childcare needs.

Meet the team

All our practitioners are dedicated and fully qualified and committed to high standards.  We support staff to further their professional development to ensure that they are kept up to date with best practice.  All our staff  have an enhanced DBS  and are trained in Paediatric first aid and have completed safeguarding training.

Nicola has 15 years’ experience of working in childcare. She has a degree in Early Childhood Studies. As Manager of the nursery her role is to coordinate and ensure the safety of children and staff. She believes it is important to inspire the love of learning in children by making it fun.  She says, “I enjoy seeing how the children develop and become more independent and seeing their personalities shine through.

Mary has 20 years’ experience of working in childcare. She has a Level 3 Diploma in childcare. She enjoys settling the children into the nursery when they first arrive. She believes the EYFS framework is important to help children meet their individual milestones. She says, “we like to have fun in the nursery.”

Danait has been working in childcare for the last ten years. She is qualified to Level 3 and is Montessori trained. She says, “I recognise every child is different and I like to make sure I can help them with their individual development.” Her favourite activity in the nursery is messy play as she says “we all enjoy it.”

Karima is Level 3 trained and has four years’ experience. Karima is our SENDCO organising support for children with any additional needs. Her priority is to ensure children reach their full potential. She believes it is important to help children to play in groups to help them be confident with other children.

Martha has three years’ experience of working in childcare.  She has completed an NVQ level 3 qualification in Early Years.  Martha loves working with children and supporting them to progress with their development.  She enjoys acquiring new ways of working with children from training and implementing it in her practice.

Akberet has ten years’ work experience in a range of early years settings and has a NVQ level 3 qualification.  She is passionate about ensuring that children develop their communication skills and will support children in small groups using visual aids and role modelling effective language.

Our Nursery Ethos & Mission statement

Our ethos is that  children’s early years are the most important years of their life and  it is the foundation for children’s learning. We aim to inspire children to be lifelong learners by providing a stimulating environment to inspire children’s curiosity and creativity.  We ensure that there are a range of adult led and child initiated activities that are tailored to children’s individual needs.

Our ethos is that  children’s early years are the most important years of their life and  it is the foundation for children’s learning. We aim to inspire children to be lifelong learners by providing a stimulating environment to inspire children’s curiosity and creativity.  We ensure that there are a range of adult led and child initiated activities that are tailored to children’s individual needs.


We use the EYFS as a framework to plan and implement a range of activities in the nursery.  The EYFS  sets out standards that all providers  must adhere  to ensure that children are safe and secure and have access to opportunities to develop and learn.

The Pop Up Nursery identifies these four principles from  the EYFS as key when working with the children in the nursery.

Every child is a competent learner from birth and can be resilient, capable, confident and self assured.

Children learn to be strong and independent from loving and secure relationships with parents and Early Years staff.

The environment plays a key role in supporting and extending children’s development and learning.

Children learn and develop in different ways and at different rates and all areas of learning and development are equally important and interrelated.

How do we  support the children with the EYFS Curriculum

  • We understand that parent/carers are children’s first educator and work in partnership with them to extend children’s learning.
  • We have a key person system in place to ensure that each child’s individual needs are met.
  • We listen to parents/carers and children and encourage them to have a voice in our setting.
  • We provide a safe stimulating environment where children have access to a variety of resources to play, be creative and experiment.
  • We provide space and opportunities in the environment for children to play together, collaborate and learn how to negotiate play.
  • We take into consideration children’s different styles of learning and stages of development and will adapt activities for children’s individual needs.

We use tapestry which is an online application to record children’s progress and keep parent/carers up to date with what their child is doing in the nursery.


We are an inclusive nursery which welcomes all children and supports them to achieve their full potential. The Pop Up Nursery has had experience of supporting pupils with a range of differing needs including learning difficulties, speech and language and communication difficulties and autistic spectrum disorder. The staff are committed to providing for children’s additional needs through targeted learning in small groups, providing resources and gaining support from external agencies.

We recognise the value and importance of working in partnership with parent/carers. We encourage them to be fully involved with their child’s/children learning and we will use this information alongside observations to provide the appropriate support to move the child/children learning forward.  The parents/carers will initially liaise with their child’s key person, but can arrange meetings with the SENCO.

Throughout all stages of support parent/carers are kept informed. Permission is sought for agreed targets, referral to outside agencies and permission to acquire SENIF funding or to apply for an EHCP plan which will provide additional support for your child.

Support in Place for Children with SEND in our nursery

Adjustment of the environment as required.

  • Use of visual strategies such as Visual Timetables and Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) and Makaton
  • Preparations for changes in routines.
  • Reducing complex language, especially when giving instructions to children.
  • Implementation of Therapy programmes e.g. Speech and Language, Physiotherapy, Occupational therapy.
  • Identifying and supporting a child’s preferred learning style.
  • Cognition & Learning Needs- Small step approaches.
  • Opportunities for repetition and reinforcement of developing skills.
  • Adapting materials and equipment .e.g. providing tactile equipment and sensory experiences
  • Physical difficulties support with self-help skills and safe movement around the nursery.
  • Support with behaviour

SENCO – Karima Zarat

Deputy SENCO – Martha Oceguera

We recognise that ‘moving on’ can be difficult for a child with SEND. We also recognise the anxieties for families and we take steps to ensure that any transition is as smooth as possible. When your child is moving to another school or setting

  • We will contact the new school and arrange a transition meeting.
  • A transition report will be completed and agreed by the parent/carer and sent to the next setting
  • We will make sure that all records about your child are passed on as soon as possible to the receiving school.

These are some of the outside agencies we work with.

  • Speech and Language
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Educational Psychologists
  • Children’s Services
  • Early Help
  • Autism and Early Years Intervention Team
  • Health Visitors
  • Community Paediatricians