What We Do.

We exist to work together with the local community to enable North Kensington to thrive.

We manage 23 acres of land underneath the Westway flyover in North Kensington, for the benefit of our local community.

We work with over 60 member organisations ranging from community groups and residents’ associations to schools and sports clubs, as well as other local groups and people.

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Westway in Numbers


given as community investments in 2018/19

23 Acres

of land under the Westway flyover


supplementary schools supported in North Kensington


adult learners taking classes at Westway


local events and Festivals funded through our Festivals & Events fund


people attended our 2019 Portobello Summer Festival

Westway Stories:

School of Rhyme

Poet Paul Lyalls works with Westway to provide poetry workshops at North Kensington’s supplementary schools and explains why poetry is an art form for everyone

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Westway Stories:

L&A's Beautie at Podobello

Lilah at L&A’s Beautie explains the benefits of working out of the Podobello pop-up shops on Thorpe Close

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Westway Stories:

Age UK Carnival Party 2019

Age UK set up a Carnival celebration for older people supported by Westway Trust

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Westway Stories:

North Kensington Community Energy

Dave Fuller is part of Repowering, a social enterprise that creates community-owned renewable energy projectswhile building up community funds.

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Westway Stories:

Activities For A Golden Age

The UK has an ageing population – people are living longer due to better health treatments and lifestyles – and North Kensington is no different.

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