This plan was agreed by the Trustees in December 2021 ready to start in the calendar year 2022 and the financial year of 2022/23. Like so many organisations we have had to review our activity in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic and acknowledge that the impact on so many communities and businesses has been devastating. Our immediate response was pro-active which has helped set the scene for recovery, but operating in a post Covid world will be a true test of our character.

In order to survive and thrive going forward, we should remain hopeful, reminding ourselves that we must focus our efforts to become more purposeful, courageous, innovative, skilful and more determined to stand with those most in need in North Kensington, inspiring hope and offering opportunities for connection, growth and progression.
The Trust is currently engaged in two equally critical processes. That of ‘continuous improvement’ and that of ‘transformation.’ Both take account of the changing environment, the willingness and necessity to fully engage with the communities of North Kensington. And the recognition that we must learn from the setbacks, challenges and successes we have faced over the last few years.

The plan takes an outcomes based approach. In other words the outcomes are drivers towards our Mission and Vision and these are underpinned by a set of Values. We have paid particular attention to the recommendations from the Tutu Foundation (UK) Review into Institutional Racism at the Westway Trust, which was published in 2020, and honour the commitment to implement all the recommendations. Indeed, we wish to go further whenever we identify the right opportunity to do so. The plan is balanced, in that it considers the needs of our social, charitable and commercial operations, as well as allowing for unforeseen opportunities.

We would like to thank our Trustees for their tireless effort, skill, imagination and stewardship. We also thank our Members, Tenants, partners and everyone who has shared their views about the Trust so generously in recent months and hope that you will see some of them reflected here. We believe this plan responds to evidence of need, that it is a commitment for change and transformation and that it offers a clear, purposeful and measured pathway for the next part of our journey with our communities.