A report by the Tutu Foundation, commissioned on behalf of Westway Trust, has found that:

  • Westway Trust, has been and remains institutionally racist. The legacy of institutional racism lives within the organisation in terms of the experience and relations with the African Caribbean community, which has led to a continuing mistrust and suspicion.

  • Over a number of decades, there has been evidence of a range of actions instigated by individuals at the Trust, which have created a level of mistrust from both local organisations and parts of the community. It was reported to the Review that this has had a significant impact on the African Caribbean community as well as other communities.

  • At a point in its history, the Trust lost sight of the reason for its establishment and early focus on community and inclusivity. This resulted from an increasingly pragmatic approach as to how it viewed the land and a historical lack of diverse representation at Trustee and senior management level

For more information, visit the Westway Review website.