Spring after the pandemic

By Nawal

This spring is different because it is coming with big hopes of new life. Each bud, each plant and flower has a story to tell about the people who have worked so hard to protect us. Some have even sacrificed their lives so that we can live: NHS staff, doctors, nurses, care workers and all the technicians and scientists have struggled to find a vaccine for the virus that has affected everyone in the world, isolated us, and separated us from our loved ones. This spring is coming to tell us that our lives will return.

We will still have to be careful! But soon we will be able to meet our relatives and our friends. Once we are protected with the vaccine, we will smell the freshness of the spring with the essence of freedom. And we will meet in the grass, surrounded by beautiful daffodils and flowers.

We can dream of saying goodbye to this selfish pandemic.

    Pink and white flowers Yellow flower food on a picnic blanket Yellow flower