Radio on a table outside with a green Learners' Blog boarder

Radio Garden

By Cynthia 

If you like radio, here’s a free App that lets you tune into radio stations all over the world. It’s called Radio Garden and once you’ve downloaded it [Google Play or Apple Store], you will be able to listen to radio stations all over the world, from Reykjavik, Iceland to Melbourne, Australia.

It’s fun to hear what sort of music is played in different places. ‘Heavy metal’ is very popular in Russia and Sweden, but when I move to my hometown in the USA, I hear lots of country music and rock and roll. My daughter-in-law takes a virtual trip to her town in Colombia to listen to some of her favourite Latin tunes.

Talk radio is popular too. You can listen to English being spoken with different accents from Scotland, Ireland, the US, Australia, the Caribbean – it’s all English! I also use it to improve my Spanish and French, and my nephew is trying to learn Russian, so he listens to stations from St Petersburg in the west to Vladivostok in the east.

If you don’t mind where you go, take your fingers, spin the globe and then listen in wherever you land. It’s easy to see why it’s called Radio Garden – many ‘flowers’ bloom in the world of radio.