By Najat

Today, as usual, I tidied up my kid’s room. Toys were thrown everywhere, so I randomly began to put them in the toy box. I was putting away the toy train with its wooden rails, piece by piece, when I suddenly stopped; how nice and colourful it was! I took it back out of the box again, and decided to play with it.

I started to put together the pieces of rail, and I was concentrating and excited like a child. I spent a long time trying to finish it, and when I did, I was enormously happy.

I cannot describe my feelings; it was a sweet sensation which sent me back to my childhood. What nostalgia!!

Everyone has an innocent child inside, sometimes we need to set that inner child free, and then we will be liberated from ourselves, our worries, and our tiredness. That child will give us a positive energy, regeneration, and love of life.

No matter how old we are, the child in us remains a child forever.

Wooden toy train and track set