Making a Fairy Tale House

By Izetta

It’s really nice to have a hobby. Although I didn’t start until my late fifties!

Since I was a little girl and a great lover of fairy stories, I’ve always been interested in the “very little”, that is to say miniatures. I started with making little peg dolls and was invited to show children how to make their own for some of our events at Westway Trust. This led to me looking at all things miniature as the peg dolls are about 10cm tall. They need to have accessories, (I thought!).

I soon started sewing little clothes for them and making little bits and pieces for them to sit on or hold. From here on, I started to get more ambitious and I now make as much as I can in miniature. My hobby came in really handy at this challenging time as I was furloughed. I always had a lot to do to keep me occupied and didn’t have time to feel down!

My mum recently celebrated her 90th birthday and I made a little “Room Box” as they are called, to celebrate the day (see picture). It stands about 14 inches high and the furniture is at 1/12th scale, so a chair is about 3 inches tall. I’ve tried to put pictures and objects in the space that my mum enjoys doing and seeing. She was so happy with her little gift.

I can recommend taking up a hobby to everyone as a way of learning something new. It will stretch you and lift your mood.