North Kensington is a melting pot, a place of multi-culturalism with a welcoming embrace for people coming to London from other countries and cultures. Welcoming because there are always opportunities to establish a role in the community, and Westway Trust is happy to play a part offering free adult learning courses, including those aimed at people whose English language skills need support.

The English courses are a popular and busy part of the Westway Learning team schedule, which includes maths, computing and Teaching Assistant courses. One current English learner from St Quintin's Children's Centre, Elena, explains what brought her to Westway learning:

"I am a person who likes to know more, I like to read more and I like to speak in different languages. I would like to speak free with everyone, and it will be easier for me in future," she says. "It will be great to know more about this language, about British Culture and British people."

Elena is one of many learners who take part in English courses organised by Westway each year, and who receive language lessons but also create strong bonds with fellow classmates and others.

"It's very nice because if you have language barrier it stops you introducing yourself, and if you can speak with people you will be more happy," says Elena, whose baby daughter plays in a crèche at St Quintin's while she takes her English lessons.

Elena hopes to get a job one day but for now is just grateful for the freedom improved language skills give her: "When I came to Westway I tried to speak more but it was difficult for me. It was hard for me to tell you what I want, tell you what I think, but now for me it is more easy, more comfortable, and I feel more free."

Hanae, originally from Morocco, is finding her feet in London using her burgeoning language skills developed at Westway:

"I study English for information, I help myself for shopping or anything for help myself," she says. Hanae likes the buildings in North Kensington and the fact there is a large Moroccan community, and her hopes for the future are uncomplicated: "I have simple dream of a simple life - happy and with family and my husband."

Elena meanwhile is proud of her new English skills and advises others to empower themselves:

"Try to find more friends in English language and you more fast will know this language - if you try to speak with community it will be good for you."