In our conversation group, we’ve been talking (via Zoom of course) about how to stay fit and interested in the world outside. You can read a story from Shabira on page 6, talking about gardening as a way to keep fit. That’s what she does, in partnership with her husband. She also uses a treadmill (running machine) in her home so that she can exercise even though the gyms are closed.

Hasna has found that walking is best for her, and she depends on having a good pair of trainers (pictured right). She normally walks for three hours each morning, starting at around 7.30am and manages 26,000 steps per day. That’s almost 20 kilometres! Fadwa says walking in local parks is best for her too, and Ning plays basketball with her son. A number of people have joined their families in the BBC television exercise sessions every morning.

What is your keep fit tip while you wait for gyms and leisure centres to open again?