Did you know? Interesting facts about the Census

By Cynthia

The word ‘census' originates in ancient Rome from the Latin word ‘censere' meaning ‘estimate’.

  • The first known Census was held by the Babylonians around 6,000 years ago.
  • The Roman Empire undertook Census counts as far back as the 6th century BCE to track their expanding empire.
  • The first official census in the UK took place in 1801 and has continued every 10 years except in 1941 because of the second World War.
  • Most countries undertake a Census, but not necessarily every 10 years.
  • The Queen’s household is included in the Census.

The census gives us a link to the past and a tool to help us plan for the future. Make sure that you are counted!

Image of census form with green learners' blog boarder