Updated 13.7.20

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, Westway Trust offices in 1 Thorpe Close shut in March and they will remain closed as we continue to assess what is best for our staff. The majority of Westway staff were asked to furlough at the start of the lockdown while we focused our efforts on the local emergency response and supporting our tenants in this difficult and uncertain time. Staff who are still working are contactable by phone and email.

Following changes to government advice and guidelines, the Westway estate is now slowly reopening. We have teams constantly monitoring the situation but those businesses that are allowed to reopen are doing so and we have put precautions in place such as distancing measures. We are in constant contact with our tenants, local businesses, residents and other stakeholders, while following government and borough advice.

Westway Trust is currently working alongside colleagues at Age UK Kensington & Chelsea, Kensington & Chelsea Volunteer Centre, Kensington and Chelsea Social Council, RBKC and other organisations to support and provide services for the most vulnerable and isolated in North Kensington as part of a coordinated effort.

A portal for people under-65 in need in North Kensington to be referred to the foodbank can be found here on the Kensington and Chelsea Social Council website. Those over 65 are being referred through Age UK.

We are supporting the foodbank network and also making funds available to other projects; pledging staff – where possible – to assist in the coordination and delivery of these projects; and working with tenants and local businesses to help where we can in these difficult days. We have supported some local organisations with projects related to Covid and Grenfell.

We are also supporting Bay 20 in its role as a distribution centre for the food and essentials programme being organised locally.

While Westway is redirecting its efforts and resources into the local response and the issues for our tenants we have unfortunately had to pause many projects and programmes until further notice, for example we had to pause Arts and Culture programmes and cancel the Summer Festival. 

The Learning team continued with online adult learning classes and the creche, nursery and supplementary schools services we run or support are looking at September to restart. We have had to pause our main grants programmes.

Our Estates, Property and Local Economy teams are dealing with the fallout of sudden economic crisis for our tenants, providing support and advice where possible. We have paused all refurbishments plans and the organisation is working to an emergency budget.

This is an extremely difficult situation for everyone. We are focusing our efforts in the first instance on the most vulnerable in North Kensington, but these are uncertain times. Be assured, we will always be there for North Kensington. Stay safe. 

If you have an emergency maintenance issue, please email maintenance@westway.org.

If you have another issue or problem and you feel Westway Trust can help, please contact  Communications Manager Charles Howgego: charles.howgego@westway.org.