Westway Trust announce The Wall, a new counterculture corner located between BAYSIXTY6 Skate Park and *Subterania 

Featuring a rolling showcase of photography, graffiti art, and a series of planned and impromptu, unamplified creative gatherings, Westway Trust's new space will focus on scenes and events of the local area. 

Wednesday 10th April 4- 6PM marks the opening of The Wall, its first photographic showcase, and a live graffiti session. 

From Trellick to Portobello Green (Photography exhibit) 

This Collage showcases two local photographers, Jason Garcia (Communications Manager at Westway Trust), & Chiara Grioni who has a Master's Degree in Photojournalism and Documentary Photography from the London College of Communications. 

‘I used to live around Ladbroke Grove in the 90s and the early noughties, it has always been the area of London where I’ve felt the strongest connection with. I loved documenting life in my neighbourhood and, once I moved back 3 years ago, I couldn’t wait to get involved in a community project: so, I was naturally thrilled when I was asked to capture the winter parade. The parade had all my favourite elements: loads of colours, dance, art, kids, music, poetry and the general feeling of our beloved neighbourhood coming together!’   Chiara Grioni

Westway Winter Street Parade took place on Sunday 17th December 2023, and featured a diverse ensemble of local community groups, artists, and creatives. The parade assembled underneath Trellick Tower at 2PM before passing through Golborne Road, on to Portobello Road, through to Thorpe Close, and ending at Portobello Green at approximately 4PM. Side by side in a slow walk, up to 100 locals participated, collaboratively united in visually interpreting the theme, Winter Solstice.  Community groups included;  

BaySIXTY6 Skate Park,  Camilla Brendon,  Latimer Community Art Therapy,  Pan Diva,   Portobello Live Choir,   Portobello Dance & Performing Arts School,   Portobello Radio,   Renegade Theatre,   Samba Wednesday,   Sophie Lodge,   St Mark's Housing Cooperative,     The Space, Tribo Band  

With Special thanks to; 

Adam Ritchie, Keltick Traffic Management, MCWG, Pepe Francis (Ebony Steel Band), Phoenix Bay, Portobello Shack, Street Trading Office, Trellick Tower Residents Association and William Spooner. 


Wednesday 10th April 4- 6PM marks the opening of The Wall, its first photographic showcase, and a live graffiti session. 


For Photographic, Graffiti and Audio showcase, and other projects proposals  

Contact LaToyah Gill, Events Manager latoyah.gill@westway.org / www.westway.org/thewall