We’re currently planning the following steering groups as part of the Westway Arts Network. Everyone joining the Network will be asked about their interest in taking part in a steering group. Steering groups will have a maximum of 15 people on them. In cases where we have more people signing up to the groups than we can take, we will make decisions on membership based on ensuring a diverse and representative group and making the most of local expertise in different areas.

1) Portobello Arts Space Steering Group

Once we get planning permission to proceed with developing the Portobello Arts Space we’ll announce dates for this group to meet. Members of this group will:

  • Visit relevant arts and culture spaces, meet venue managers and recruit an experienced specialist to support the steering group and the Trust with the process of determining the best operating model for the Portobello Arts Space.
  • Make recommendations on the preferred operating model for the Portobello arts space and interview applicants interested in running the space.
  • Form an advisory board to give guidance and feedback once the Portobello arts space is up and running.

2) Young Producers: Programming the summer youth arts festival under the Westway, 15 July 2017

Members of this group will meet monthly from March 2017. Membership of this group is restricted to 16-24 year olds. The group will:

  • Choose artists, performers and other content for the summer youth arts festival – both via suggestions from members of the group and via applications made to the group following an Open Call.
  • Decide on a name for the festival.
  • Work with Westway’s Marketing Manager and Designer to decide on the look and feel of festival publicity/branding.
  • Provide members to recruit and interview a Creative Producer and Production Manager to curate and produce the festival alongside the steering group.

3) Festivals Fund Steering Group

This group will meet twice a year in April and September to award funding to local festivals from the Westway Festivals Fund according to set criteria and objectives. The first meeting will be April 13th 2017. Westway staff will make recommendations for funding which they will present to the group, but only members of the steering group will be able to take the final decisions on awarding the funding.

We will send out all minutes of steering group meetings to all members of the Westway Arts Network so everyone can follow the progress of the groups.