Small bird on a tree branch with green learners' blog boarder

The Little Finch and the Great Tree

By Najat

Once upon a time there was a great tree in a forest, and all birds liked to sit on its branches. The tree was happy, especially when it felt a bird sit on it.

One day, a small finch came back from a long trip. It felt so tired and sleepy, it sat on a branch and immediately fell deeply asleep.

In the morning, the tiny finch opened its eyes and saw that the tree was drenched in dew. The finch flew, and confidently said to the tree, ‘Ooh, sorry my dear tree, I made you sweat last night!’

The tree looked at it with a smile and said, ‘Were you here last night? On which branch did you sleep?’

The moral of the story is, don't think that you are the centre of the universe when you are not even noticeable.