London Comes Back to Life Again!

By Najat 

May Day is an ancient festival marking the first day of summer, and it means that Summer is coming!! But May Day this year was a little bit different from last year. 

After months of complete shutdown, life began to return to the streets of London, the streets filled with pedestrians and restaurants and bars were crowded. Everywhere there were smiles and laughter whereas before, people were frowning and anxious. For a short while, even the weather also announced its joy in solidarity with the easing of lockdown restrictions. The warm spring sun shone, and sent people racing to parks and forests... Friends gathered, masks were absent, and social distancing was cancelled. But will this make the DANGER bell ring again? 

It is nice to meet friends and loved ones, but the situation is still dangerous, especially because we have no guarantees that the vaccine will eliminate the spread of the virus completely. So - are people completely confident or completely reckless??

I think we should all be responsible and turn away from recklessness and indifference because we cannot afford a new lockdown!