End of Year Message

By Sakinah 

Hello Everyone, 

I hope you’re continuing to keep well.

What an incredibly difficult and challenging year!

We have had to completely re-think how we deliver our service by learning online. You have all done a great job in managing with that big change. 
We moved over to a new exam board which meant that the adult learning team had to learn new procedures and regulations. We hope you have found the new assessments enjoyable. Moving to Ascentis meant that the assessments had to be done in a controlled, face-to-face setting. Despite Covid, you all behaved so responsibly and were considerate of the safety protocols we put in place. Thank you! It was also so wonderful to see most of you in person after such a long time. 

We refreshed our website, which meant that we were able to carry out our initial assessments online and by phone. We also created a new online blog and launched our first new e-newsletter back in May. We have loved reading new and interesting articles, puzzles and delicious recipes!

We appreciate that learning remotely isn’t the same as being in the classroom and are hoping to resume back to normal face-to-face delivery in the autumn term (subject to government guidance) or possibly a blended approach. We have been truly impressed with the development of everybody’s digital skills and believe that this can only help our delivery and everybody’s learning in the future. 

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Well done and thank you!

Lastly all there is to say is a big well done and thank you to all learners, volunteers and adult learning team for your excellent commitment in studying, volunteering, and working during this very challenging time. You should all be very proud of yourselves.

I wish you all an enjoyable well-deserved, relaxing, fun and warm summer!

Best wishes 

P.S Last year I set out to improve my garden and this is the planter I made with wood decking. Currently, I’m growing some strawberries