Last week (Tuesday 21st of November) saw the launch of ‘Playspace 67-69', an exhibition of photography by Adam Ritchie presented by the Westway Trust.  

Hosted at 3 Thorpe Close, over 100 people attended the opening night which welcomed several key figures from the community.   

Who is Adam Ritchie and Why ‘Playspace 67-69' is important 

The exhibition was commissioned by Westway Trust as a celebration of both Adam Ritchie and John O’Malley who are responsible for the launch of social campaigns which led to the Westway Trust. 

Adam Ritchie is a photographer and activist known for his work capturing the London and NYC band scenes in the 1960s. Playspace 67-69 is dedicated to John O’Malley who was one of the originators and main workers in a four-year community campaign that lead to the present day Westway Trust, John sadly passed away early last year during the Covid epidemic.  

Opening Times  

‘Playspace 67-69' will be open for public viewing until the 21 December. For more information, visit this page.