Sharing dishes from across the world!

A new scheme run in collaboration with Al Manaar Muslim Cultural Heritage Centre has helped educate people on how to feed their families well for less. The program, which ran for one month, was free to attend, with participants sharing recipes from across the world.

The initiative was launched to address the growing cost of living crisis and how it has affected the local community, with many families struggling to provide nutritious meals on a tight budget. The program aimed to provide practical tips and advice on how to make healthy and delicious meals using affordable ingredients.

The sessions were led by budding chefs who shared their expertise on meal planning, budgeting, and cooking techniques. Participants were also encouraged to share their own recipes and ideas, creating a supportive and collaborative atmosphere.

The scheme was a resounding success, with maximum capacity reached in each session and participants reporting positive changes in their eating habits and budgeting. Many participants expressed their gratitude for the program and not only the valuable skills they had learned but the range of cuisines that their palettes had been opened up to!

We hope to be able to run the program again in the future, and hope to expand our reach to even more families in the community. This scheme is a testament to the power of collaboration and community engagement in tackling issues such as food poverty, and serves as a reminder of the importance of good nutrition for all.