Brightening Up Our Community: Westway Trust's Community Street Lighting Project

We are committed to creating a safer, more vibrant, and welcoming environment for our community in North Kensington. Our latest endeavor as part of our ongoing Community Street project, is set to illuminate the length of our estate and improve the safety of residents using our streets. In collaboration with the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea council, we are excited to share that we are replacing and upgrading existing streetlights across our estate including, walkways and recreational spaces. 

We understand that well-lit streets play a pivotal role in enhancing safety for all residents and visitors to the area. Our lighting system will be energy-efficient and environmentally friendly using LED technology. This not only reduces energy consumption but also contributes to our commitment to sustainability. Moreover, we are exploring smart lighting solutions that can be controlled remotely, allowing us to tailor lighting levels to specific needs and events within the community.

What is the current progress?

  • Portobello Green has been inspected by RBKC and over-head lighting inside the park is being replaced. A handful of spotlights on the path which were out of service have now been fixed by Westway Trust.
  • New earthing will be installed along Malton Road on Thursday 12th and Friday 13th October to allow new lights and festoon lighting to be reconnected. Donut lighting will also be installed around the pillars.
  • Timers for lighting around the Westway Sports & Fitness Centre have been updated as they were turning off early.
  • New earthing was laid under Portobello Green to be able to improve lighting under the market canopy. This work starts on 6th November.