In late 2020, we set out on a recruitment campaign to find a new Chief Executive to lead our organisation.

Understanding that the selection of a new Chief Executive has wide-reaching implications not just for our organisation but for the community we’re here to serve, we committed to a truly participatory approach to the recruitment of this role.

Earlier this year we held an open recruitment drive for community members and stakeholders of Westway Trust to form a community selection panel. This panel was finalised in March, and their work has already commenced in reviewing applications and short-listing for the Chief Executive role.

The community selection panel has now short-listed four of the applicants for Chief Executive.

The next stage in this participatory approach is to invite community members and stakeholders along to a series of webinars, where candidates will be asked a series of questions, and community members invited to listen to the responses and provide feedback to the selection panel.

The community selection panel will review the feedback provided by attendees and use this feedback as the basis for further short-listing.

We would now like to invite you to register to attend the following four webinars:

You are welcome to attend one, some, or all four events.

When registering your attendance, you will be given the option of submitting questions for the candidates. The community selection panel will consider all questions and choose a set of questions which will be asked to all candidates.

At the conclusion of each webinar, you will be invited to submit your anonymous feedback through a centralised portal.

If you have any questions about this process and our participatory approach to recruitment of this important role, please contact us at