Local school children from Kensington Aldridge Academy have created stunning artwork featuring African and Caribbean flags that now adorn the hoardings of Acklam Village in the heart of Portobello Market. The artwork is part of the Community Street project, which aims to bring the length of the estate to life with 13 different projects.

This project began back in October 2022 with a proposal to highlight different countries using their flags and positive words surrounding each flag, as part of Black History Month. The artwork created by the school children is a shining example of the enthusiasm and creativity that this project has inspired. The colourful flags add a touch of vibrancy and culture to the area, and are a true testament to the rich diversity of our community.

"We are very grateful to Westway Trust for the opportunity to teach young people that they can make a positive difference to the community and that helping out is fun, rewarding and gives them something very positive to associate themselves with."  - Chrisitan Hill, Art Teacher at KAA

The young artists who created the artwork have also learned about the history and diversity of the local community in the process promoting a sense of understanding and unity.

We would like to extend our thanks to the local school children who participated in the project, as well as Christian Hill who made it all possible.