Westway Trust Conference Room, located at 1 Thorpe Close W10 5XL, is available for hire Monday-Friday, between the hours of 9am-6pm.

Please complete this enquiry form to apply to use the space. Once the form has been submitted, a member of staff will check availability and respond within 2 working days.

Booking rates

  • Westway Trust member organisation - £25 for two hours, plus £10 per additional hour
  • Non-member - community group, charity or CIC based in North Kensington - £25 for two hours, plus £10 per additional hour
  • Non-member - community group, charity or CIC NOT based in North Kensington - £50 for two hours, plus £15 per additional hour
  • Non-member - private business or public body - £80 for two hours, plus £15 per additional hour
  • Tenants of 1 Thorpe Close - Free of charge

Set-up and on-site assistance

A fee of £20 will be payable for pre-arranged on-site assistance. This include technical support and assistance setting up the room configuration. Please note that this will not be available unless it has been arranged in advance. 

All bookings must provide the following:

  • Identify a ‘key contact person’ responsible for the building and be present at all booked meetings.
  • Ensure the ‘key contact person’ completes the Induction Training and ensures all visitors are taken through health & safety and security procedures.
  • Complete the booking form and sign the agreement to the booking conditions set out below.
  • Pay the fee and deposit in advance of the booking (N.B. the deposit will only be refunded if all the booking conditions have been met).
  • In the event of a cancellation, the fee will only be returned provided a minimum 24 hours’ notice has been given.

Please note: the room is not available for booking on Saturdays and Sundays.

Conditions for Bookings

  • A minimum of one week’s notice (5 working days) must be given in person, via email or telephone and you can book up to 4 weeks in advance a maximum of two meetings.
  • The agenda of the meeting needs to be sent to Westway Trust at least 3 working days before the day of the booking.
  • Bookings can only be made for conferences, meetings, workshops, lectures or training sessions and not for social events or religious ceremonies /services /worshipping.
  • For the avoidance of doubt, the end time of the booking is the time when you actually vacate and not the time when the meeting finishes.
  • The organisations booking the conference room shall not light candles and/ or cover the smoke detector.
  • The individuals shall not use the cupboards for storage and not to remove anything from the cupboards.
  • The ‘key contact person’ takes responsibility for Health & Safety ensuring that attendees are aware of all key issues e.g.
    • Informing attendees of the fire evacuation procedure and the location of the exits
    • Ensuring that the max number of attendees does not exceed the permissible numbers (i.e.25 conference table layout)
  • The ‘key contact person’ takes responsibility for Security of the building, including the charity offices and reception area e.g.
    • Not allowing anyone into the building other than the organisation’s own members and visitors;
    • Only allowing members of the organisation to enter or leave via the final exit door (and not by the main double doors);
    • Ensuring the final exit and the fire escape doors are kept shut at all times, that the final exit door is only open under supervision, that fire exit routes are kept clear and fire extinguishers are left in their proper location;
    • Not allowing its members to wander around the building, restricting their access to the Conference Room and the toilets or to block or obstruct the corridors into the building;
  • The doors to the conference room MUST NOT be propped open. The ‘key contact person’ must ensure visitors ring the bell on the street door to gain entrance into the Conference Room. Ensuring that the building is vacated by 9.30pm at the latest and that the keys are returned to the Reception staff in the envelope provided. *Please note CCTV will be checked on a regular basis to ensure the building is vacated on time
  • At the end of the session, the ‘key contact person’ must ensure the Conference Room is:
    • Left in a clean and tidy condition with the tables set out as in the illustration below – ready for the next user. Please note that Westway Trust shall not be responsible for the moving of the furniture in the conference room before or after the conference takes place and you should ensure that the furniture is left in the same way as when the meeting has started.
    • All doors are all securely closed.
    • Lights are turned off and the air conditioning / heating is turned off.
  • Where keys need to be issued, they must be collected by the ‘key contact person’ during normal office hours on the day of the booking or on the Friday prior to a week-end booking, and returned to the Reception at 1 Thorpe Close on the following working day.
  • Failure by the ‘key contact person’ to comply with these conditions may lead to the deposit being retained by the Trust and the organisation being denied future use of the Conference Room.