Level 1 in Essential Digital Skills for Work and Life


Laura Kehdi

Start date:

May 13, 2024

End date:

July 24, 2024


Monday & Wednesdays


14:00 - 16:30


10 weeks

A basic knowledge of IT and how to use a keyboard and mouse is required. A basic level of English is needed as this will help you to read and understand the instructions given. 

You must have a minimum of English at Level 1 to be able to join the course.  

You will need to sit an initial assessment before enrolling on the course to check you current skills. 

The Ascentis Level 1 in Essential Digital Skills course will allow you to demonstrate understanding of and competency in the essential digital skills you need for life and work.  

It will enable you to engage with digital services and products in everyday life and work. 

You will use a variety of Microsoft applications to create, edit and save different types of files e.g. documents, spreadsheet and slideshows. Improve competence and confidence when carrying out online searches, using online shopping sites and internet banking. 

What topics will we cover? 

  • Handling Information and Content – locate and manage information on three different devices, use software applications e.g. Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint 
  • Communicating – send emails to multiple recipients, demonstrate how use and participate in video calls 
  • Transacting – be confident completing and submitting online forms and be able to buy items or a service online 
  • Problem Solving – solving simple problems related to digital accounts 
  • Being safe and responsible online – identify online risks and threats and use simple methods to protect data. Manage Wi Fi and Privacy setting on own devices 

By the end of the course you should be able to 

  • use devices to handle information particularly in the workplace  
  • effectively search, find and evaluate workplace digital information 
  • manage and store workplace information using the key file management principles 
    identify and solve basic technical problems 
  • create and edit documents and digital media – using Word, PowerPoint and Excel – in a workplace context  
  • perform key functions in Excel to process numerical data in a workplace context  
  • communicate share and manage traceable online activities  
  • use different online services including buying securely online 
  • identify and practise key aspects of safe and responsible online activity including protecting privacy and data particularly within a workplace context. 

What kind of activities will I be doing? 

You will learn in a supportive and welcoming environment with an emphasis on your discovering how to do and complete tasks, with guidance from the tutor.  

There will be a mixture of class taught sessions, individual learning and small group work. The focus will be on developing your skills rather than covering topics you already know. 

You will need to be able to attend every class and prepare for the exam outside the classroom. 

You will sit an online assessment at the end of the course. 

On completing the course you will achieve an Ascentis Essential Digital Skills Certificate at Level 1 

Are there any other costs? Is there anything I will I need to bring? Where can I get this? What do we provide? 

Notepad and pen – you will need to take notes during the sessions and a folder to store hand-outs and completed exercises 

This course requires study/completion of homework, reflection and personal studies outside of class time, you must set time aside for these activities, at least 3 hours per week recommended.  

It is important that you have access to a computer connected to the Internet outside of class in order to complete your homework 

You will need the following programs installed on your device: 

  • Internet Explore 
  • Microsoft Outlook.  

Will I get feedback? What could I do next? 

 You can progress onto a number of different IT based programmes. 

Employment opportunities. 

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The course is free if you meet certain criteria

Any questions? Email us at learning@westway.org or call 020 8962 5741