We are now at a particularly exciting time in our story. Our organisation has recently been through unprecedented change to place the Trust firmly back in the hands of the community. But there is much more we need to do. As our new CEO, you will provide clear direction and leadership to the team as we deliver six new strategic priorities. These include bringing about the radical organisational and cultural change needed to reinforce our role as an authentically community-centred enabler, empowerer and facilitator.

The Westway community is diverse, committed and knowledgeable. The Trust is committed to being a genuine part of our community and supporting it to have a stronger voice. We are in a prime position to influence local, London and national decisions that improve social, economic and environmental wellbeing and justice, so that we may challenge systemic injustice and discrimination, including seeking land justice. On the ground, we will continue to deliver major projects, including the Community Street project, which will enhance the Westway estate for everyone.