Podobello is an exciting new space on Thorpe Close, a popular pedestrian route linking Ladbroke Grove Station to the world-famous Portobello Road Market. 

Until now, the route has been essentially used as a service road and car parking area which fails to encourage a flow of people through Thorpe Close.

We want to make better use of the available space, promote a more active, inviting offer outside of market days and deliver greater opportunities for the
community and local entrepreneurs. Podobello, the new pods on Thorpe Close, support enterprise, small business incubation, maker space and other commercial and community activity which will be accessible, affordable and flexible for community and business use.

Purpose of the pop-up pods

The pods are an exciting initiative that was funded via the Westway Trust and the Mayor of London’s High Street Fund. The exciting initiative is to provide a launch pad for local businesses/entrepreneurs to test the market with their business idea, and to help them grow and sustain.

  • The pods are small units and are equipped with electricity, and heating.
  • There is no water supply – thus food and beverage type businesses will not be able to apply for his reason.
  • The pods are not for office or hot-desking.
  • The pod units are supplied empty – so that businesses are able to animate it to their own needs.
  • The units are A1 business class use – this is retail only – more info can be found here.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Preferably are local to the area or vicinity of North Kensington.
  • Are a new entrepreneur or start-up business trading no longer than 2 years.
  • Do not own/run another business elsewhere.
  • Have a valid public liability certificate up to £5mil.
  • If applicable – have valid regulatory certificates e.g. food and hygiene.
  • Are willing to take up further business support training to develop your skills.
  • Demonstrate how they will assist in enlivening the area.
  • How the business would impact positively on the community and area.
  • Westway Trust reserves the right to decline applications that are not ethical or deemed unsuitable for the area.