This research has been steered by the Westway Trust’s senior management team and overseen by the
Westway Trust’s charitable purposes committee.

The research has comprised 6 main strands of activity:
1. Initial scoping of major issues and themes: holding key conversations with Westway Trust
staff, RBKC, KCSC, Fluid, and ward walks with local councillors for area familiarisation
2. Baselining exercise: analysis of government statistics and local data; in- depth review of
relevant policy & strategy, and layering on key findings from past consultation and
3. Listening: speaking with representatives and leaders from North Kensington’s
communities to test findings from the data and to gather additional insight
4. Verifying: consultation with service delivery providers to understand current provision
across North Kensington and specific challenges or gaps
5. Learning from elsewhere: to understand potential innovation
6. Testing ideas: development and testing of recommendations with Westway staff and
In the Listening and Verifying stages, close to 50 conversations were held with strategic
stakeholders, community organisations, local businesses and statutory and local service

The work has taken place in parallel to the Westway Trust Urban Design Strategy and
the two pieces of research have intersected at key points to ensure complementarity and
to ensure consultation findings are used as a common resource.