Fundraising Consultants – Review Survey

Fundraising Consultants - review survey

Fundraising Consultants - review survey

We would like you to complete this survey to assist us in managing Fundraising Support requests. Your responses will help us match your expertise with the organisations seeking Fundraising Support.

Your details

Skills & Experience

How many years of fundraising experience do you have?
What types of fundraising have you been involved in?
Most of the organisations we engage with require support with Core Funding , could you please specify what is the largest amount of core funding you have successfully raised for a single organisation?
From the list below, which of the following Skills & Expertise would you say is important to highlight as part of a fundraising application?
Please rate your experience across the causes/sectors listed below
No experience
Minimal experience
Moderate experience
Advance/ expert level experience
Ars & Culture
Community development
Health & social care
Poverty and homelessness
Environment/ sustainability
Spaces for young people
Social justice
Sports, recreation & exercise

Maximum file size: 516MB

From the list below, which donor(s) do you prefer to work with/make funding applications to?

Availability and commitment

How soon are you available to take up fundraising support opportunities?
What is your preferred working arrangement?

Motivation and Goals

Feedback and preferences