Westway Trust takes the well-being of its trustees very seriously, in the same way as it considers staff well-being.  

The Board of Trustees has collectively agreed a set of values and behaviours, by which all trustees are expected to abide in their role. This is being formalised in an updated Trustee Code of Conduct which, once finalised very soon, will be published on our website. This is part of the organisation’s transformation.

Should the Trust become aware of behaviour that goes against the ‘letter or spirit’ of the Code of Conduct, we will challenge such behaviour. Trustees are also expected to challenge any of their trustee colleagues who demonstrate such behaviour. We reserve the right to provide additional support on a case-by-case basis to those affected by unacceptable behaviour.

The decision to suspend Alex Korda, former Trustee,  from the Board reflected the commitment to challenge unacceptable behaviour. Trustees have provided support to Eve Wedderburn who continues to face unacceptable behaviour in respect of this matter.

– 15 Feburary 2023