We're seeking design and marketing support for an upcoming campaign to promote Westway Trust Parents' Fayre.

This Parents’ Fayre will provide information, advice and workshops which can help parents to be better equipped for making decisions about their child’s education. For this launch event, our exhibitors and presentations will include advice and information around:  

  • Early Years, primary and secondary schools, 16+ education, training and employment  
  • Independent schools and home schooling  
  • SEND support and processes 
  • Health & Wellbeing  
  • Finances – including financial aid for low-income families, a Cost-of-Living Crisis Clinic, bursaries, scholarships and childcare grants/funding  
  • Youth Provision in RBKC, wrap around childcare, after school clubs and holiday schemes 
  • Parents groups, ESOL classes and parent forums

Format and Presentation (examples):  

  1. Convex flag banner design (dimensions to be confirmed with commission) 
  1. Event flyer design (A5, colour, double sided, multilingual – English, Arabic, Polish and Amharic, engaging images) 
  1. Video/audio advert (20 seconds and multilingual – English, Arabic, Polish and Amharic) 
  1. Printed programme and PDF version to be accessible on our website 16-20 pages (6-10 pages of advertising space),   

Quality criteria:   

  • Images reflect our community, parenting and our helpful staff  
  • Clear branding of Westway Trust and the Parents’ Fayre’ style/font 
  • Multilingual, where possible 
  • Fulfils accessibility requirements  
  • Fulfils Westway branding guidelines 

Quality method: 

  • Proof reading and feedback by 3 members of internal staff  
  • Internal staff will seek feedback from parents on the effectiveness of the proposed designs 
  • Sign off required from Westway Trust’s Special Projects’ Lead 


We are looking to receive an initial quotation and outline proposal by 31 October. 

Our deadlines for the project are as follows: 

Designer appointed  3 November 2023 
Project start date. Flyer and video/audio advert elements of content provided to designer  10 November 2023 
Final elements of content provided to designer  20 November 2023 
First proof for flyer and video/audio advert  24 November 2023 
First proof for flag banner and programme  30 November 2023 
Final artwork for flyer and video/audio advert  30 November 2023 
Final artwork for flag banner and programme  15 December 2023 


Your quotation should allow for three full proofs, with the first full proof delivered no later than 24 November, and the final proof delivered on 30 November 2023 (for the flyer and video advert). 

Required response: 

 We would like to receive your response, in the form of a quotation/proposal, by 31 October 2023. Please submit your proposal via email to mat.bradley@westway.org 

Please include proposal and costs for: 

  1. Quote for full design 
  1. Details/links to previous work 

Any questions regarding the brief can be directed to: 

Mat Bradley (Head of Communications and Marketing) mat.bradley@westway.org  

Phone: 07706354771 

Click here for the full project brief.