As we begin to emerge from the pandemic, we all want to ensure that all spaces on the Westway estate are being used to their full potential.

We recognise that there is significant demand from small businesses and community groups for meanwhile (temporary) use of spaces under the Westway as things slowly start to open up and restrictions are lifted. So as we look to fill any vacant spaces on the estate over the coming months, we want to provide the option of shorter term, temporary licenses. We're creating a Meanwhile Use Strategy, to be applied to some of the vacant spaces on the Westway estate.

To begin this vital undertaking we are now accepting expressions of interest from community groups and small businesses wishing to make use of the vacant pods on Thorpe Close.

We're particularly looking for organisations/businesses who can help to generate footfall and daily activity on Thorpe Close. Other vacant spaces on the Westway Trust estate will be opened for applications in due course as restrictions are lifted and capacity allows. 

As we move to become a more community-centered charity, we want to ensure important decisions - like the use of community space - are firmly in the hands of our community. We'll be recruiting an independent community panel to review all applications, who will score each application against a matrix which measures each application's benefit to the community. We'll be in touch with everyone who puts in an expression of interest to explain the full detail of how this application process will work.

Please put in an expression of interest now to make sure you are kept up to date and informed of the next stage. 

We hope to finalise our Meanwhile Use Strategy and matrix in early July. Once this is adopted, we will reach out to all those who have expressed an interest, inviting them to submit an application for a space. 

There is an understandable focus on meanwhile use because of the uncertain times we face. We want to be able to offer this flexibility, knowing that it may mean organisations can do something they otherwise wouldn’t be able to. However, we do welcome proposals that are for permanent long term use also.

Please put in your expression of interest now.