Staff volunteers for Parents’ Fayre

Staff Volunteers - Parents' Fayre Thursday 25th January 2024

Staff Volunteers - Parents' Fayre Thursday 25th January 2024

Westway Trust is organising the launch event of our first Parents' Fayre.

We are asking staff to volunteer (if on a permanent contract) or work additional hours (if bank staff) to support this community event.

We are looking for staff who can help with:

  • Interpreting for parents, (please list which language/s you could help with interpreting)
  • Welcoming and registering attendance,
  • Help with getting feedback (online, paper and short video clips)
  • General stewarding (supporting staff and attendees) 
  • Setting up the various spaces,
  • Clearing up at the end of the event,
  • Processing refunds and payments, using a card reader and laptop,
  • Catering/serving food and drinks,
  • Photographing the event, 
  • Transporting resources and equipment to, and from, the venue to the office

The event will provide 2 sessions for parents - 11am to 2pm and 5pm to 8pm. In between this time, there will be refreshments for the exhibitors and an opportunity to get to know each other's services. We will need help with this too. 

Please offer your time and skills for part, or all, of the day and make this an event to remember!

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There will be a pre-event briefing, which you will need to attend either in person, or online. Please state which of the follow briefings you could attend: