As you may have guessed, we’re not your typical landlord. At the heart of everything we do is the well being of the North Kensington, and our tenants are encouraged to play an active role in our community.

Our tenants along the Westway estate make a real contribution to our community. They include locally-owned small businesses, service providers and charities, as well as large commercial enterprises. 

Helping our tenants through the pandemic

While we are dealing with our own unprecedented financial challenges, we also acknowledge the importance of locally-owned small businesses to the economy of our community, and we genuinely want to do all we can to protect our tenants through this difficult time.  

We have established a  rent concession panel to assess any requests for support from our tenants. 

In making tough decisions on support for our tenants, the panel considers things like:

  • the services and benefit that our tenants provide to our community, 
  • their previous track record on rent payments, 
  • access to grant/funding support, 
  • their ability to trade remotely and online, 
  • any other government restrictions
  • the impacts of decreased footfall on their business, 
  • and the measures that have been necessary to keep themselves and their customers safe.

Our tenants can make a request for a rent concession/review online at Tenant Rent Concession Request | Westway Trust

Business Support

We understand that all of our tenants are different and that the pressures that their business may be under at this time will be different too. That’s why we’re spending time to develop a number of bespoke business support options which we’d like to make available to you.  This includes business support from the Portobello Business Centre, and a bespoke programme for our tenants from Brunel University called ‘Co-innovate’.

Contact us for more information on these programmes.