To ensure we have a diverse membership that shares our ambitions, we ask you to provide some information about your organisation, its history and its plans, before you become a Member.

Its aims are compatible with the Charitable Objects of the Trust

Applications for Membership are considered by the Nominations & Governance Committee of the Board and decided at a scheduled meeting of the full Board. An organisation will normally be considered eligible for membership where it can demonstrate that it sufficiently meets these criteria:

It is a properly constituted body with a formally identified management or governance structure

· It is established as a not-for-profit or mutual entity, although it does not have to be a registered charity

· It has an active membership group

· It is currently involved in providing social benefit in RBKC and serves the interests of residents in the Local Area, as defined in the Trust’s Policy on the Area of Benefit

· There is a realistic expectation that it will continue in existence. This will usually mean it has been in existence for a year and undertakes activities that will be continued for the foreseeable future

· Where possible it provides us with its annual report and published accounts

· It has an active relationship with the Trust or has reason to commence an active and continuing relationship with the Trust

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