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Go Away Coronavirus!!

By Najat 

There is an Arabic proverb that says: Whoever owns something, underestimates it.

This proverb applies to us during Corona virus time. Many things we thought were trivial, or even did not pay attention to at all, we now start to dream about. Everyone is a prisoner in his or her own house  without having committed any offence.

Our days go by cold and silent.

Every day, hope flirts with our dreams of waking up to a better tomorrow, a tomorrow without restrictions, without masks, and without Corona ...

When will this “tomorrow" come??

When will we stop washing our hands, which are cracked and sore, fifty times per day?

When will our suffering end with the sterilization of places, clothes, and even food?

When can we cuddle our loved ones, without fear or anxiety?

And most importantly, when, and how will we get free of our masks?

When can we open our heart’s door to drive away fears, anxieties, and pressures?

We hope we will know soon!!

I think we have aged a hundred years in one short year.