Big changes are coming to Portobello Green and its surrounding area, and we're excited to keep you in the loop.

Stage and Pathway Revamp

This week, edgings of the stage next to the canopy will be removed along with giving the pathway to the backside of the green a makeover. We will be marking off an area around the works which will contain a skip and will be locked off to the public for your own safety. 

Stage Demolition and Canopy Upgrades

Next week, we're taking down the rest of the stage and making some small changes to the canopy by removing the current draining. We're only working Monday to Thursday, so the surrounding area should not be affected into the weekend.

During this time, one entrance to the Canopy (the one with the steps) will be fenced off. The brick wall near Thorpe Close will also be surrounded by fences. Again, this is to make the area safe for the general public and this entrance will be closed for 5 weeks. The good news is that the other entrance to the Canopy (the one near Portobello Road) will still be open.

We appreciate your patience and can't wait to show you these improvements as part of our Community Street project