The Grants Panel has now made its decision with regards to funding and all applicants have been informed of their decision.

As the coronavirus outbreak has escalated the vast majority of Westway Trust projects and grants programmes have been paused to redirect efforts to the emergency response locally, and ensuring the safety and security of the estate.

The independent Green Infrastructure Fund panel, made up of five local residents external to Westway Trust did have time to reach agreement on the projects they would like to award funding to before we shut down.

We aimed the fund at local organisations, for example schools, charities, social enterprises etc who had permission to install green infrastructure on the property they use and where existing green space is in short supply. We also asked them to demonstrate clear impact on air pollution.

All applicants have been informed, with the unsuccessful applicants having the reasons for the decisions clearly explained, and advised how their applications could be stronger in the future.

We are fully committed to funding the projects chosen by the independent panel and supporting their delivery but in the current situation unfortunately cannot say when that will be. We will only be able to begin distributing funds when things start returning to normal in the local area. Successful applicants are aware of this.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please complete our online contact form and one of our colleagues will get back to you as soon as possible.