We recognise there are occasions when it is expedient for us to consider making grants to individuals and organisations on a discretionary basis for a purpose that falls outside the eligibility criteria for the Community Grants Programme, the Festivals & Events Fund, or other established grants programmes.  These grants are made in response to a clear need, identified by the individual or organisation making the request for financial support, to deliver a project or other work that will add value to the organisation’s overall outputs and deliver additional benefit for the local community. Often, decisions about such requests necessarily need to be made quickly.

The Rapid Response Fund is not intended as a supplementary funding stream for those already in receipt of an investment from us. We would not normally make a discretionary investment if the request appeared eligible for consideration under a main funding programme.


**North Kensington Flash Flooding response* - please complete this application form for emergency requests for space and in-kind support in response to the flash flooding in North Kensington on 12 July 2021**