Intro to Poetry: School of Rhyme

School of Rhyme is a fun and accessible way into writing your own original poems. Participants will learn and put into direct use different styles of poems. They will also learn how to access their own ideas and tap into the rich, funny, beautiful and powerful experiences of their own lives.

The course works on lots of different levels and aims to produce original poems written by everyone taking part. It’s at times funny, at time moving but all of the time it’s bonding and a shared learning experience for all. Warning course may contain rhyme – but not all of the time!

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Course content

  1. Different styles of poetry
  2. Exploring your experiences and memories
  3. How to play with words and meaning
  4. Literary technique
  5. Performance skills
  6. Creativity

Learning objectives

By the end of the course you will have

  1. Written over 10 poems
  2. Worked with a variety of poetic styles
  3. Discovered how to explore your own experiences
  4. Being inspired by others and also an inspiration to others

How will I be taught? What kind of activities will I be doing?

Idea finding, exploring memories and the ups and downs of life. Be taken step by step through some really fun, simple but extremely productive Poetry exercises. Become part of a supportive group.

What will I need to bring? Where can I get this? What do we provide?

Just an occasional smile (usually found in your cheek bones).

Will I get feedback? What could I do next?

Feedback every week, we could create an anthology of poems and you can keep writing.

Come to the next course!

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