We are excited to announce that Youth Action Alliance are bringing back the North Kensington Youth and Community Festival yet again on 25th June for the Grenfell fifth year anniversary. This will serve to unite and bring everyone together under “One Community”. 

This festival provides a free, fun and positive event to the community. After a difficult number of years after the Grenfell Tower Fire, the Covid pandemic and the Black Lives Matter we want to remind the community that they are supported. We also want to give young people the opportunity to connect with local services and each other to build new skills, increase their social development and promote their future ambitions.

We are providing a platform for young people to showcase their talents with special guest judges, music, sports tournaments and even an exotic farm. There will also be activities for children and young people such as a bouncy castle, assault course and an immersive storytelling adventure as well as a media and gaming hub and stem zone.

This year we also have brand new zones which includes a Animal zone (Camel rides), Over 60’s (Bingo and High Tea) and a Sensory Zone (LLDD).

Event hosted by Youth Action Alliance