Experimental Printmaking - Low Tech Hi Spec

Course description

This playful and uplifting series of workshops with a focus on low-tech printmaking. Across the workshops, you will be introduced to several printmaking techniques and given the space to explore each one. This workshop series is all about play, exploration and trying new things, rather than the outcome.

 Join renowned local artist Ron Best for this relaxed 3-week course, with all levels welcome. Please bring your own materials.

Course content:

What topics will you cover

1.     Simple plate making & dry point etching

2.     Image transfer methods using recycled items

3.     Relief printmaking ie Lino printing

4.     Monoprinting

5.     Simple image transfer methods ie drawing and printmaking

6.     Explore collage and printmaking

Learning objectives

By the end of the course you will have


1.     A series of prints using various techniques

2.     Used everyday objects to create prints

3.     Learn the value of printing and its possibilities

4.     Enhanced drawing skills with printmaking

5.      Using a printing press and other technical processes/equipment