CAPOEIRA (kah-PWEH-dah) is a movement and martial arts form historically performed by African men and their creole descendants in Brazil. Capoeira embodies the diverse experiences of a community that has survived more than four centuries of slavery and marginalization. Capoeira has been performed as a dance, a form of self-defence, a strutting acrobatic display, a semi-competitive game, and a pastime associated with dock workers, and rogues characters. More recently, it has been transformed into a modern art form, synthesizing many or all of these aspects. A number of Capoeira’s features work to indirectly address themes of wellbeing and sustaining mental health, including its unique framework of empowerment, confidence-building and overcoming adversity through the development of individual self-discipline, inner-strength and group membership. In this course the use of movement, dance and martial arts will be used to develop therapeutic change and further emotional, cognitive, physical and social integration based on the idea that the body, mind and spirit are interconnected. Capoeira is an effective way to build fitness over time, which is a core component of emotional wellbeing. This class is designed as a welcoming and inclusive introduction to the practice, and will accommodate participants across a range of mobilities. Each class will end with a space and time for the group to reflect and share their experiences and thoughts as they wish

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Topics Covered


2. Rhythm

3. Self defence techniques

4. Mobility and stretching

5. Developing and nurturing motor skills

6. Introduction to hand balancing

7. Developing special awareness

8. Partner work

9. Pad work

10.Integration of skills

Learning objectives

By the end of the course you will have

1. Learn the history of Capoeira

2. Understand and perform capoeira techniques

3. Developed a relationship with rhythm and musicality

4. Increased your confidence in movement and self expression

5. Play capoeira with your ‘opponent’

How will I be taught? What kind of activities will I be doing?

We will use a format of 60 min movement sessions. These sessions will include a warm up,

capoeira skills, core stability work and cool down techniques. The different levels of fitness will

be accommodated in the same group session and individuals with no experience will be

supported. Each session will then include a 40 min reflection and discussion time, facilitated by

your teacher.

What will I need to bring? Where can I get this? What do we provide?

Participants will need to bring comfortable sports clothes

Will I get feedback? What could I do next?

You will receive feedback on an individual basis but also as being part of a group.

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