A space for art and action to create positive energy. Art reconnects us with us, with others and with the world around us

This project is In honour of two Cubans, painter, Javier Loch and dancer, Dairon Jove, who’s application to come and interact through art for a month in North Kensington, was rejected by the Home Office.

Art Inn will be a Community Art Studio, where North Kensington and Havana interact through painting, music, dance, poetry, sculpture, photography etc.

It will run from Tuesday 14th May to Saturday 26th May 12-4 and on some occasions, events will run in the evenings.

Anyone is invited to utilise the premises for making art within their chosen medium.
Found materials will be available, but people can also bring their own.
Local artist, Gail Sagman will be there to help facilitate in the making of  2 and 3 dimensional work.
Local dancer and movement artist Mary Feliciano will participate in this event through movement in open classes for the community.
Mary will also create a bridge between Havana and North Ken by showcasing different sides of the cuban exchange by film.
Photographer Katia March will engage with people in a community photographic project.
There will be other volunteer artists to do the same in a variety of medium.

It will be possible to display the works for viewing and sale, in the space throughout.

There will be a final exhibition on the 25th and 26th May.

This situation has been created to emphasise the value of art in the community.
For those in Cuba, Art has become the last bastion of hope, where life is generally lived in great hardship.
The strength of Cuba’s art lies in its fantastic cultural mix, which has enormous parallels with our North Kensington hood.
Art Inn will give plenty of opportunities to display that art benefits from this factor.