Tell your story through the visual image!

Are you looking to enhance your photography and videography skills? This course is designed for people who have a passion for photography and videography. You will be introduced to digital and analogue cameras, studio lighting techniques, videography and an introduction to Adobe Creative Suite.

Join local photographer Rŷanna Allen for a 5 week course open to all age groups (18+) to develop your practice and engage in collaborative work

Course content:

What topics will you cover

  1. Introduction to DSLR and analogue cameras
  2. Studio lighting techniques
  3. Importance of composition, framing and angles
  4. Videography and shot lists
  5. Editing with Adobe Premiere Pro
  6. Working in teams to create collaborative work

Learning objectives

By the end of the course you will have

  1. Understand the basics of DSLR cameras
  2. Load film into medium format and 35mm cameras
  3. Create work with intention
  4. Understand the basics of videography and fps
  5. Be introduced to basics of Adobe Premiere Pro, Capture One and Lightroom
  6. Teamwork
  7. Understand what is included in decks