“Life Drawing is considered an essential component of an artist’s education”.

It’s also rewarding and great fun, plus helps you develop your concentration and focus, which clearly benefits mental health and wellbeing whilst learning about the human body.

Join renowned local artist Ron Best for this relaxed 10-week course, with all levels welcome. Please bring your own materials

Course content:

What topics will you cover

1.     Short poses, using charcoal and pencil

2.     Using lines to describe movement

3.     Using tones to describe the human form

4.     Draw with your left hand

5.     Re-imagining the figure on paper

6.     Design and composition

7.     Experiment with charcoal and collage

8.     Measuring the figure; looking and seeing different planes

9.     Explore the relationship between shapes of varying sizes

10.  Long pose, and detail

Learning Objectives

By the end of the course, you will have:

  1. A better understanding of anatomy and the underlying structure of the figure
  2. Develop skills in using different materials and media for drawing from observation
  3. Learn the value of simplification Complete drawings of a range of poses and gestures