Course description


For those who have ever wanted to create their own handmade jewellery – this class is for you! Learn the skills to work confidently with base metals such as copper, and begin your journey of harnessing your creative process, designing and producing your own jewellery – make gifts for family and friends! Learn about the cultural history and meaning behind certain types of jewellery and their design.


Course content:

What topics will you cover


1. 2D and 3D sketches and drawing

2. Piercing – sawblade techniques, wire wrapping techniques

3. Adding texture to metal

4. Smoothing and filing

5. Ear hooks and beading


Learning objectives

By the end of the course you will:


1. Be able to sketch creative designs for jewellery

2. Be able to use tools safely and efficiently

3. Produce up to 3 items of wearable jewellery

4. Be able to use polishing and finishing techniques

5. Understand the cultural significance behind types of jewellery